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 Preview on Cantilan's Tourist Spots

The municipality of Cantilan is located in a coastal area on the eastern part of Mindanao. It is endowed with many beaches, cool springs and other places of interest, both in the mainland and in the islands. Magnetic views range from grayish sandy, white sand and the nature's beautiful reefs and cliffs. These spectacular spots are want of industrial activity, keeping the waters along the beaches cool, clear, very inviting and interesting for snorkeling and pleasure cruises. The magical colors of the reefs are so enticing.


The Malinawa Cold Spring is a beautiful, displaying nature, dotting the municipalities with the envision rising atop, the spring is constantly flowing out 90 liters per second.

This natural tourist attraction which is about 8 kilometers from the poblacion of Cantilan is about fifteen minutes ride by a car or a motorcycle. The water from beneath those flat big beautiful rocks is cool as poured in the pool. It is suited for picnic, excursions, and field trips. The place is a good convention center.


It is a resort located in the eastern part of the municipality, at Barangay General Island a 30-minute ride by motorboat from the poblacion. The local name of the site is Libtog Dako or Big Cove, but is now replaced and more popularly known as Blue Cove.

The waters in this resort resemble that of the popular movie of the same name. The cove's mouth is protected by a string of reefs that are deeply submerged during high tide, brinking the placid water at all times. Toward the cove, is bordered by high mountains that shield off the winds and storms from the Pacific Ocean.

Presently, there is the main resort house perched on top of the rock, and connected to the other rest rooms or cottages also perching seemingly and precariously along the mountains sides and rocks by narrow trails, down to the path into the house furnished with shades and diving board at various heights, built above the blue water.

Many tourists, foreign and local had come to take video coverage of the area.


Bag-ong Banwa or Double B is a white beach resort located at sitio Iniyakan, Barangay General Island on the Southern side of the Mountain Lake known as "Danao"

It is a 30-minute ride by motorboat from the poblacion and it is a private enterprised One may find a placard:"Felipe Francia Beach Resort." The name plainly suggests the owner of the resort.

The area is truly havened for plain and nature loving peole. The beaches - white, water blue, and abundant of marine creatures. One may order whatever fist and shells for meals.

DANAO LAKE (Atop the mountain)

There are two sites of the same name in Cantilan. The first is BRACKISH WATER in land Lake located on the mainland at Barangay Magosilom, the second is a mountain lake located at sitio Iniyakan, Barangay General Island, a 40 minute ride by motorboat from the mainland.

To reach the site, one has to climb a steep 20-meter elevation and follow a trail along a mountainside. The lake is known for its unusual distinction of having low tide when the Pacific Ocean is having high tide and when there is low tide everywhere.

The residents of this place have fished for native fishes, shrimps and shells. One does not fail to notice the distinctive rumbling echo of one's noise on the waters or along the lakeside.


It is a two kilometer stretch of white sand beach, deep blue seawater and cool shade provided by its lofty coconut tress. It is a place to relax and enjoy the sun, white sand and blue and placid sea. The island has an abundant source of water from a spring. It can be reached by pumpboat from the poblacion within 40 minutes.


Fantastic place, having clear water with rich marine undergrowth. We can use see the marine corals in technicolor, a habitat of fish. Underwater rock formation and enticing white beach. It is accessible from the poblacion of Cantilan by pumpboat in about 15 minutes and a 5-minute ride from Consuelo wharf.


Sprawling long surf beach in Baybay II Sitio Santa Teresita Bry. Magosilom, facing the Pacific Ocean. It is lapped constantly by big waves, which are a good place for surfing. Foreigners love this place stretching to its municipal boundary. It can be reached by a 10-minute ride through pumpboat and motorcycle.


Characterized by its big rocks and boulders and beautiful reefs. Along the mountainsides a natural flat rock path going to the top of the mountain village of Kabiton-an, Barangay Consuelo. The Bahang-Bahang beach area has fine black and white sands. It is accessible by pumpboat, 15 minutes from the poblacion and 20 minutes ride by car or motorcycle.

SAN PEDRO BEACH (known as Tilang Beach)

Most frequented beach by the town folks and neighboring towns during Sundays, in 10 minutes rides by car/motor trysikad. It has dark grayish and shallow waters.

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