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CANTILAN MANPOWER RESOURCES, offers assistance to reduce your company's expenses in maintaining staff, laborers, janitors and skilled workers.

Our manpower supply package includes the following

  1. Hiring of staff and workers based on your specified needs and requirements.
  2. Computations of the hours put in by the staff/workers based on their Daily Time Records.
  3. Preparing and paying staff/workers salaries from the total amount assigned by your company for a specific wage period.
  4. Assumption of administrative work which includes behavior and performance evaluation, and immediate personnel replacement if needed.
  5. Conduct of training and seminars for personnel based on your particular needs and requirements.
  6. Monitor performance of personnel and make sure that they abide by your rules and regulations.


In our sincere desire to assist you in maintaining a peaceful and orderly environment within your establishment, as well as protect your properties from theft, robbery, pilferage and other unlawful acts of unscrupulous persons, CANTILAN SECURITY AGENCY, humbly offers its security services:

  1. The AGENCY provides disciplined, trained, experienced, carefully selected, and armed with standard firearms, licensed security guards.
  2. The AGENCY conducts regular inspection of its security guards on duty and investigates any irregularity they may commit while performing their duties and impose disciplinary action if necessary.
  3. The AGENCY maintains a field-to-office supervision and communication network to ensure a 24-hour operational security.
  4. The AGENCY is managed by experienced, well-trained professionals and former military personnel, which ensures delivery of efficient and effective services.
  5. For and in consideration of the services to be rendered by the Agency, the Client shall pay the agency the following:


Ordinary Guard:

                P 12,920.00 per month guard eight- (8) hrs. work per day.
                P 19,380.00 per month guard twelve- (12) hrs. work per day.

(Rates are negotiable according to specific needs of the client)

The above-mentioned fees are payable on the 15th and 30th day of each month after the services have been rendered. In case of change in the current minimum wage law, the corresponding additional amount shall be automatically added to the daily wage of each guard.

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