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 Author's Welcome Message

rat. Marajaw na adlaw sa ijo tanan. Its nice to have you surfin' Tilang Interactive Network. Its a feeling of success to be able to achieve a work like this but that feeling is doubled because of your presence. Many things urge me to do this site aside from my interest to learn and explore things on the rising trend of computer technology. One reason is to give a compact information and reliable data for researches, to be able to update all concerned people with according to the latest happenings in and around CarCanMadCarLan especially in Cantilan. With the site's theme INFORMATION FOR ALL gives a preview of what this site is. The limited resources didn't block my plans of publishing this website. But my efforts is truly useless without the help of some collegues and friends.

With all my heart I would like to thanks all the people and friends who helped me realizing this project especially to the following person; Mr. Arthuro Buniel, Cantilan's Information Officer for the pictures and for the some information rendered unto me, to Mrs. Dede, Municipal Librarian for lending me the book used for the research, to Cherry Vie Dagairan and Janice Clerino for scanning the pictures used in the site. To the benovolent author of Cantilan's History Mr. Modesto Eleazar.

I dedicate this website to all my friends and people who believes in me, most specially to my parents Mama Lili and Papa Dedet, who encourage me most to be a good person and the product is want I am now, thanks so much no words will express how grateful I am. To all of you thanks so much...

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